About Us

We are a boutique Northern Ireland based Financial Adviser company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) established since  1983 by David and Frances Jebb - the owners and directors.

David was one of the first advisers in the UK to be awarded Chartered Financial Planner status, his experience and expertise in financial services officially acknowledged.

What differentiates us can benefit you!

Our mission statement is our vision statement and our ethos "Right Just Fair" Our emphasis is not on quick profit for us, although we are profitable and we significantly exceed the minimum standards set by the FCA. If you become our advised client you benefit from our ethos and financial strength because our initial charge for setting up your bespoke advice , your  forward financial plan that tailors the  buy/sell advice we give you is only £395, possibly the lowest in the UK.(We also charge a minimum retainer charge of £150 per month in the first year which is optional thereafter.)We make no additional charge when we act as trustees for advised clients, although any trust established can be liable to solicitor or accountant charges and tax. There are some people who having received initial advice to set up their Forward Financial Plan may not require further annual advice meetings. Such persons can become unadvised after their first mediation period of one year. For these clients we reduce our minimum retainer to £50 per month and we provide access to our guidance library, optional monthly guidance updates by email, and annual budget summaries by email at www.my-money.me When they wish to have a further advice meeting they revert to “advised”  status and the minimum retainer reverts to £150 per month.  

We embrace technology, enabling  trading, and utilisation of custodian services by internet.  

Unlike most other small advisory firms we are directly regulated by the FCA.* We believe this enables us to quickly adjust to any changing concerns highlighted by FCA to protect you the client rather than if we were being authorised through a third party compliance company.(*FCA does not regulate our trustee services).

One example of where the FCA have expressed a general concern is in how advisers arrive at and describe the clients attitude to risk. We have used technology and our freedom to apply FCA rules appropriately in how we describe portfolio risk. Most advisers use risk grades eg 1-10 etc. At best these risk descriptions often lack objectivity and at worst can be mis-leading. In contrast we classify every investment as “insured,”  “not insured,”  “easy access,” “tied up,” “possibly illiquid” (Illiquid means could be hard to sell). The more that is invested in insured funds the lower the risk, the more that is invested in uninsured funds the higher the risk. After classifying every investment held we use the software to “report” in a clear easily understood table/chart example below;

Portfolio (i)   Portfolio (ii)
7% insured easy access   20% insured easy access
18% insured tied up 60%  insured tied up 
40% not insured easy access   15% not insured easy access
35% not insured potentially illiquid. 5% not insured potentially illiquid.


Portfolio (i) with our risk descriptions manifests a higher attitude to risk than portfolio (ii). Our clients love the transparent logic empowering the client to determine how much risk they are prepared to take to maximise potential income and capital growth. Another example of how we use technology is in the creation of sophisticated cashflow calculations carried out by UK market leader Prestwood software to test the clients  "capacity for loss”. At advice meetings we will advise if individual risk manifestation becomes unsuitable because the client cannot afford to take the amount of risk being manifested in their portfolio, and using our technology asset allocation can be quickly changed and “capacity for loss” re-tested.

Unlike most advisers we do our own fund manager research.The high percentage of clients who have retained us since we switched from commissions to an agreed fee basis in 2005 is testimonial to the exceptional results we have achieved, and 2016 was another good year! Of course future growth of uninsured funds is not guaranteed, you could lose your capital invested in any uninsured fund.

Unlike most advisers we do not recommend exchange traded funds, because we are fearful of the potential for loss to the client.

We also do not advise on structured products which we believe are of greatest benefit to the big financial institutions, not our client! We can provide similar protections using our simple approach  to manifestation of attitude to risk.

Long term care. Unlike most advisers we believe equity release should only be used as a last resource. Equity release is effectively taking on a mortgage at expensive rates in old age. This does  not sit easily with our ethos, we believe families do not understand these plans eat up potential inheritances. We hold a licence from the FCA  to advise on specialist long term care insurances. Using cash flow modelling we can design a bespoke combination  of long  term care insurance and investment with the objective of providing superior solutions to benefit all the family. As we operate on a fee basis 100% of the significant commission on long term care insurance is rebated back to reduce the cost to the client when the product is recommended. 


Due to the above conviction based exclusions from areas of advice we describe ourselves as restricted advisers.

We also do not advise on mortgages but are happy to make an introduction to mutual building societies who share profits with the customer. As mentioned above  we do not take commission which can amount to many hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds. 100% of commission on life assurance, income in the event of long term illness, and long term care insurance policies are put back into the policy so that these can be obtained through FFP at “below the normal retail price”. Another example of how we apply our "right just fair" ethos. 

Throughout 2017 we are soft launching an online “live demo”  to illustrate how we would use our technology to build your forward financial plan. During the launch period this will be at our cost. You can apply for an online appointment for a limited period without charge by telephone 02891826767 – normal office hours 9-1 2-5 Monday to Thursday.